Swiss Zakat Foundation

The Swiss Zakat Foundation (“SZF”) is the first institution in Switzerland exclusively focused on collecting and distributing Zakat.

The foundation is based on the core principle that Zakat must be collected and re-invested locally and on the conviction that it has a key role to play for the benefit of Islam and the Swiss Society.


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Why the SZF?

If you are already a Zakat paying or new to it, there are numerous ways you may know about paying and distributing your Zakat. If you find yourself asking “Why SZF?”, Then this section will help to answer that question.


Our Zakat Guide

Our Zakat Guide will help you get Zakat-ready, answering some of the most common questions about calculating and giving Zakat.


Latest News


‘I really don’t know what I should do’

As a student and a father, the COVID-19 lockdown made Hassan’s situation very difficult as he could no longer work.

‘I really don’t know how I can pay my bills’

A full-time student in a Swiss university, Zahra* was about to lose the diploma that she had sacrificed so much for. Zakat helped her get back on her feet.

Transformative and context-dependent distribution of Zakat

Whether a person is in debt, in a difficult financial situation, or in need of one-off help, Zakat- and the way we approach it- should be used to transform lives.