The Swiss Zakat Foundation’s mission is to establish the pillar of Zakat, supporting Muslim communities to calculate, collect and distribute their Zakat responsibilities according to divine guidance in Islam.

With the divinely ordained distribution categories at the heart of our concern, we work tirelessly to create ecosystems which truly establish the third pillar of Islam in all communities which we serve.


To see Zakat is established in line with divine scripture bringing faith and prosperity for all. Where Zakat truly fulfils its purpose and is the model social finance vehicle for those stakeholders pursuing justice, dignity and self-sufficiency for their dependents.

Moreover, it is part of our vision to provide full transparency to all users. This will help us in becoming a Swiss-wide recognized brand.

Added value through trust

Our goal is to be the most trusted and recognized Swiss Zakat institution working for the benefit of the Swiss Muslims and the society as a whole. By establishing a Zakat Foundation, we are not only aiming to reach our goals, but also to allow the Muslim community – through Zakat – to be a real added-value for the Swiss society.


Our team is made up of people who believe in bringing Zakat to life in Switzerland as a way to help individuals while building a thriving, closer community, right where we live. Our approach is single-minded: to make sure every aspect of the Zakat process is monitored and constantly improved.

Saâd Dhif

Born and raised in Fribourg, Switzerland, Saâd has been active in the Muslim community in Switzerland for several years, where he co-founded the association Frislam, a citizens’ initiative in Fribourg. Having obtained his master’s degree in Economics from the University of Fribourg and the University of Ottawa in Canada, he currently works in the banking sector in Zurich. Saâd is also an officer in the Swiss Army where he is currently a captain and company commander.

Lejla Dauti Medii

Lejla is a legal practitioner and currently works as a legal representative for asylum seekers at the Federal Asylum Centre for HEKS Legal Protection. Lejla is also Vice-President of the umbrella organisation of Islamic communities in Eastern Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein (DIGO). Before that Lejla worked in a law firm in St. Gallen, at a child protection agency, and at an integration office. She grew up in Macedonia and came to Switzerland at the age of seventeen, where she studied law at the University of St. Gallen. In addition to her professional activities, Lejla has always worked in the voluntary sector. Lejla has been active in interreligious and intercultural dialogue for a long time.

Naveed Khan

Naveed calls Zurich his home, where he grew up. He studied Pharmaceutical Sciences at ETH Zürich and completed his Master studies at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. Currently he works for a Pharmaceutical Company in Switzerland.During his studies he served as board member and president of a Muslim youth association called “Ummah”, where he helped to organise several project aimed to cultivate a confident Swiss Muslim identity in people who grew up here. He is also a co-founder of “Project Insert”, a space for Muslims to organize, discuss and learn. 

Muhammed Yesilhark

Muhammed is an investor and philanthropist. He is currently the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Q2Q Capital, a Dubai-based investment firm. Muhammed was Head of European Equities at Carmignac, one of Europe’s leading asset managers, and before that was an analyst, trained in corporate finance and equity capital markets. He studied Finance and Management at the European School of Business and attained a first-class honours degree jointly from Reutlingen University of Applied Science and Lancaster University.

Azim Kidwai

Azim Kidwai is the Director of National Zakat Foundation Worldwide. He’s overseen the launch of Ramadan TV, National Zakat Foundation, and Charity Right and is now leading the Muslim Foster Project. He also serves as a board member on several UK registered charities and is a special advisor on Islamic philanthropy to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.