Local Zakat for local needs.

The most effective outcomes are achieved by pooling the Zakat of the Muslim community, focusing Zakat distribution locally to bring about change in the very environment in which the Zakat payers live and their primary responsibilities lie.

We do what we know best.

We believe there are charities equipped to handle disaster relief and other good causes but we do not see ourselves operating in the same light. We partner and work with some of them to deliver unique services regionally but primarily we focus on the collection and distribution of Zakat in our community and society where it is needed most.

Ongoing support to empower.

Our responsibility to Zakat claimants does not end at us issuing funds, we aim to be there when needed the most but also support the claimant towards becoming self-sufficient in time. Making Zakat contributions a valuable catalyst and enabler in some cases when people need that helping hand at the right time.

We want to reach as many as possible.

We invest in regular nationwide marketing to raise the brand awareness of SZF so that we can achieve our goal of a collective movement to ensure those fortunate enough to pay Zakat are directly impacting those needing to claim Zakat.