How to calculate the Zakat within the couple?

Here are some elements to take into account:

When it comes to calculating and paying Zakat within the couple, it is not always easy to distinguish who owns what. To make the calculation easier, here are some guidelines:

  1. First of all, it is important to know that zakat is a personal duty, which de facto implies that the man and the woman must calculate their zakat separately. Since zakat is a personal responsibility, it is up to each individual to make his or her own calculation of zakat.
  2. When the amount to be paid is calculated (see our zakat calculator), each person can pay his or her zakat himself or herself. The man or woman can make the payment for both, this is equally valid.
  3. If the couple uses a joint account, and it is difficult to distinguish who owns what, then we advice to divide the amount in this account by 2 and include this amount in each person’s separate calculation.
  4. It is quite possible and normal for one person to be eligible to pay zakat (as it is above the Nisab) and the other not (as it is below it). There is no problem with this.

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