Your impact

Your Zakat donation has the power to change lives where you live. By donating your Zakat through the SZF – Swiss Zakat Foundation-, you can be sure to make a real difference in your community.

Your Zakat can change lives in your community

Poverty relief

One of the central goals of the SZF is to help individuals who financially struggle to meet their day to day needs in Switzerland. This mainly involves supporting and advising theses individuals and families in order to help them regain their financial independence.

Research & Education

Zakat donation impact on Research & Education. It is important for the SZF to positively influence the development of Islam in Switzerland. For the SZF this also includes supporting education and academic research related to Islam in Switzerland.

Social Contribution

The contribution of the SZF to our Swiss society also includes the support of projects within and between communities. This strengthens the contribution of Muslims to Swiss society and also provides key solutions to today’s challenges.

Impact Report 2020

In our latest Impact Report, you can read about what the SZF was thus far able to accomplish since its start in 2020 and the added value Zakat brings to Switzerland.