Let’s give others a smile

Let’s share our joy at this Eid / Bayram!

During this Eid we want to distribute food kits to 5 refugee centres in Zürich. Thanks to the coordination of VIOZ and the support of the Swiss Barakah Charity, the MSAZ, the Bosnian Mosque of Schlieren and the Swiss Zakat Foundation, we were able to secure the financing of food packages for 3 refugee centres.

This action is fully in line with the foundation’s framework of helping and assisting those most in need in Switzerland. We hope to continue this effort in the future with the umbrella associations as well as local actors.

In order to be able to help the remaining refugee centres and also to enable them to celebrate Eid like everyone else, we now need your help!

Please make a donation with the mention “Eid Gift” or “Zakat-ul-Fitr” under : https://zakatsuisse.ch/multiply-your-impact/

May your Sadaqah or Zakat-ul-Fitr put a smile on the refugees’ faces on the Day of Aid and may Allah reward you infinitely!

The Swiss Zakat Foundation