The FSZ welcomes you and wishes you a blessed Ramadan.

Selem and Ramadan Mubarak!

The Swiss Zakat Foundation is born! As the first Swiss foundation with the goal of collecting and redistributing Zakat locally here in Switzerland, the SZF wants to provide all Muslims in Switzerland with a safe and reliable channel to fulfill their duty towards their Creator. Just as mosques and places of prayer enable the fulfillment of the second pillar of Islam, which is none other than prayer, the SZF is the institution that wants to enable and facilitate the fulfillment of the third pillar in our country.

The needs and challenges are many. Indeed, since its launch, the Swiss Zakat Foundation has already received requests for support. So, it is clear that the demand is there, here near you. We will keep you informed about what we are doing and the real impact of your Zakat and donations. Ultimately, Zakat will be spent in 3 main areas: economic empowerment, investment in future generations and leadership, and Zakat administration.

The SZF wishes you all a blessed month of Ramadan. Let us make this month a month of renewal and compassion, a month in which we rediscover the value and essence of Zakat here at home in Switzerland. We wish you good health and see you soon!

Your SZF team