Why the SZF?

As has been the case for over 1400 years, Zakat has the greatest impact when it is distributed locally. Find out why.

The local Zakat for local needs

Local Zakat for local needs

The most effective results are achieved by pooling Zakat and concentrating its distribution at the local level. This way we can positively impact the environment in which we live and where our social responsibilities reside.

We do what we know best

We believe there are charities better equipped to handle disaster relief and other good causes, but we do not see ourselves operating in the same area. We primarily we focus on the collection and distribution of Zakat in our community where it is needed most.

Ongoing support and empowerment

Our responsibility of supporting those in need does not end with us distributing funds, we also aim to support them in becoming financially independent over time. We strive to use Zakat contributions as an effective catalyst and enabler.

We want to reach as many as possible

We invest in regular nationwide marketing to raise the brand awareness of SZF. We do this to create a collective movement of funds from those fortunate enough to pay Zakat to those in need.